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  1. Salam,

    We just moved to Central Ohio and would like to join CAPA. What do we have to do to join and start attending events? Thanks.

  2. My name is Muhammad ZamanTahir from pakistan new in ohio need some one help me my pepar plz

  3. Syed Humail Jilani said:

    Yes I am in central ohio area, and glad to join CAPA-OHIO. Please do let me know the upcoming function, I had already sent you a request on Facebook page.


    Humail Jilani

  4. Syed Humail Jilani said:

    AoA All,

    I am Syed Humail Jilani. I just moved from Pakistan to this area, and it is new to me. I like to get connected with Pakistani Community in Columbus, Ohio.Please is anyone let me know about the ways of networking with Pakistani community.


    Humail Jilani

    • If you are in Central Ohio area, then you can join CAPA-Ohio and start coming to CAPA-Ohio functions. We also have a facebook page where you can connect with other Pakistani Americans.

  5. Zainab I. Ali said:


    I am Zainab Ali from NY. I am an engineer at Honda. I just moved to this area, so it is new to me. I like to get connected with Pakistani Community in Columbus, OH and learn more about it. Please let me know about the ways of networking with community.

    Thank you,
    Zainab Ali

    • Welcome to Central Ohio. We have a very active and vibrant Pakistani community in Central Ohio. Please come to our picnic event on Sunday, August 9 in the Alum Creek Park and meet organization officials and many families. It will be a good event to get yourself introduced to other Pakistani families. See you there.

      Mian Amjad Waheed

      • Zainab I. Ali said:

        I guess I saw this message little late. I look forward to attend future events. Just wondering does CAPA has any facebook page?

      • Yes we have a FB page. Please search for CAPA-Ohio.

  6. mariam said:


    just moved to Ohio from New York, which is a big cultural shock for me. I been thinking all this time there aren’t many pakistani families here. Are they all spread out or living in one community becuase in N.y. we are used to see community living in same area…..can someone just brief me a little in put on our community here. Thanks

  7. Haris Malik said:

    We are having a Shayari Slam at the Ohio State University (Ohio Union) on the 23rd of March and would like to invite the members of the CAPA community to it. Who can I speak to if I wanted to formally invite or send a mass invite to community?

    Also, please like our facebook page for more info:

  8. Muhammad Hasnain said:

    a Salaam alaikum

    I am Muhammad Hasnain from from Michigan a Adrian. I have got a job in Ohio as a Farmers Insurance agent. I would like know how much you charge to get a spot at the Mila?

    thank you for your time
    Muhammad Hasnain
    cell 517 920 1522

    • Jamshed Akhtar (president CAPA) said:

      Salam Husnain,
      Eid Mela committee Incharge Dr. Raheela Khwaja will respond to your question.

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