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CAPA-Ohio Arranged A Community Picnic to Celebrate Pakistan’s 66th Birthday

CAPA-Ohio hosted a community family picnic in the Alum Creek Park, Lewis Center, Ohio to celebrate Pakistan’s 66th birthday. The event was attended by about 230 people. BBQ chicken, beef burgers, and plenty of food and deserts were shared by families in the Park. CAPA provided the shelter, paper supplies, charcoal, chicken for BBQ and water/ice. Kids’ won prizes by competing in various games. Adults played Cricket and socialized. A cake was cut by the senior members of the community. It was a successful event attended by unexpectedly large number of people which showed that the Pakistani community in Central Ohio is growing.IMG_2426 IMG_2427 SAM_1601 SAM_1602 SAM_1603 SAM_1604 SAM_1605 SAM_1606 SAM_1607 SAM_1608 SAM_1609 SAM_1610 SAM_1611 SAM_1612 SAM_1613 SAM_1614 SAM_1615 SAM_1616 SAM_1617 SAM_1618 SAM_1619 SAM_1620 SAM_1621 SAM_1622 SAM_1623 SAM_1624 SAM_1625 SAM_1626 SAM_1627 SAM_1628 SAM_1629 SAM_1630 SAM_1632 SAM_1633 SAM_1634 SAM_1636 SAM_1638 SAM_1640 SAM_1641 SAM_1642 SAM_1643 SAM_1644 SAM_1645 SAM_1646 SAM_1647 SAM_1648 SAM_1649 SAM_1650 SAM_1651 SAM_1652 SAM_1653 SAM_1654 SAM_1656 SAM_1658 IMG_2417 IMG_2418 IMG_2419 IMG_2421 IMG_2422 IMG_2423 IMG_2424 IMG_2425

2013 CAPA Eid Mela attended by more than 750 people

20130 CAPA Eid Mela was held on Saturday, August 10 in the Westerville Community Hall and it was overwhelmingly attended by more than 750. Adults, youths, teenagers and kids were dressed in their Eid outfits. All attendees were entertained with free Pakistani food and socialized from 1:00 – 6:00 PM. Kids enjoyed face painting and balloons. The Eid Mela was possible due to sponsorships of 20 families of Central Ohio.


Eid Prayers in Masjid-e-Namarah Information