Community Association of Pakistani Americans of Central Ohio

Joint collaboration of CAPA-Ohio and APPNA-Ohio
Date: Saturday August 10th 2013
Time: 1pm – 6pm
Location: Westerville Community Center, 350 N. Cleveland Ave.
Westerville, OH 43082
 Phone: (614) 901-6500

Free to all Pakistani community.


Host Families 2013:
Event made possible by the generous donation of the following host families
1.   Ayesha & Zia Abdullah
2.   Dr. Beena & Dr. Mohammad Tufail Ijaz
3.   Dr. Bushra & Jawdat Siddiqi
4.   Farah & Dr. Ghulam Idrees
5.   Fauzia & Dr. Syed Azim Bukhari
6.   Dr. Fouzia & Tariq Qureshi
7.   Dr. Hufza & Amir Hanif
8.   Dr. Huma & Rashid Mahmood
9.   Husna & Dr. Farrukh Sheikh
10. Jamila & Dr. Nur Badshah
11. Kausar and Amjad Waheed
12. Mubushra & Azam Wirk (Sobia & Farooq Wirk)
13. Naureen & Dr. Ghulam Mujtaba
14. Nazish & Dr. Shakil Karim
15. Neena & Babar Naseer
16. Dr. Raheela Khawaja & Dr. Shahid Sheikh
17. Dr. Saeeda Mobin-Uddin
18. Sahira Biland & Dr. Arshad Rehan
19. Dr. Shahida & Toqir Shaikh
20. Shamim  Aqil & M. Aqil Khan
Seven years ago (in 2007), Community Association of Pakistani Americans (CAPA-Ohio) started a tradition of “Eid Mela,” to welcome all Pakistani American community of Central Ohio to join in Eid celebrations. This mega event has always been very well admired & received by the community, and free to all, as it has been considered to be a noble and unique tradition for our community.  To keep its tradition alive, the CAPA-Ohio is planning to organize 2013 Eid Mela on the first Saturday after the Eid which will be Saturday August 10th this year.The spirit of the event has always been that instead of doing small group parties and spending money individually on the occasion of Eid, a group of families from the community would join hands sponsoring the Eid Mela. Since it is on voluntarily basis & no one family is obliged to participate every year so a family’s turn would be approximately once in 5/8 years in our community. This way we all would share the joy of Eid as one big family. It is especially important for social and cultural upbringing of our next generation and it could also serve as a platform to welcome new families in Columbus. CAPA and APPNA families from the community had opened up their hearts and started this event by hosting the event with approx. $400 per family. We started with 10 families, last year we had 16 host families as our community grew over the period of yrs. This year masha-Allah 20 families have joined hands to host the 2013 Eid Mela. Program will be done under the banner of CAPA as it is our community organization with 501c3 status and your donations may be tax-deductible.  If we continue to receive needed participation from community, CAPA and APPNA-Ohio will continue the tradition to organize this event every year at Eid.

Comments on: "CAPA-Ohio Announces Eid Mela 2013" (1)

  1. shehla said:

    Asalam o aliqum! I am new to Columbus area, recently moved from Michigan. I would love to meet Pakistani people around here. If anyone can give me any info about masjid for pakistani’s & a link to get updates on our ethnic events would be great.
    Lady members are more than welcome to give me a reply e-mail @

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