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Report on CAPA’s GDS Participation

Report on CAPA’s GDS Participation

CAPA set up booth during the Second Global Diabetes Summit (GDS) on Saturday, November 17, 2012, to raise community awareness about Diabetes. CAPA’s booth was visited by hundreds of visitors from all walks of life. CAPA’s power-point presentation, & poster displays of patients’ data, projected cases of diabetes in Pakistan, and resources available to the population were well appreciated. CAPA also had on display south Asian vegetable Kerala (Bitter Melon) which is allegedly has natural insulin like chemicals. References to studies & recipes of Kerala, Cinnamon, Garbanzo beans flour, Kalvanji seeds and Bajra were offered to the visitors of the booth.

Humbly Submitted by

Amjad Waheed (2012 GDS Project Director)

Thank you to 2012 Columbus International Festival Volunteers and Donors

Hi all,
I also want to take this opportunity to thank following members of our community who donated to CAPA for this project. Your generous support made this project a huge success. This is CAPA’s 9th year representing Pakistani Americans at CIF and we broke all previous records of cooperation, attendance, support, sales, quality of food, and net profit. I hope I did not miss anyone’s name. If I did, please remind me.
Jamshed Akhtar
Mishalle Madni
Sara Sajid
Raheela Khawaja
Tariq Qureshi
Sahair Sadiq
Farhana Asim
Jamila Khan
Munaza Amir
Amjad Waheed
Asma Mobin-Uddin
Uzma Roshen
Saeeda Mobin-Uddin
Kas Mohammed
Shahida Shaikh
Rabia Khan
Dolly Butt
Neena Naseer
Farook Wirk
Shaheen Rahman
Bushra Siddiqi
Here I am sharing the list of volunteers who worked with great passion and dedication for the success of CAPA Booths at 2012 Columbus International Festival. Without the support and efforts of our volunteers it would not had been possible to achieve new levels of success.
This year, CAPA’s booth won the best overall booth award. All booth operations were run without any incident and following all the city health and fire codes. City Health Inspectors praised full compliance with the city code. CAPA even had record sales despite the relatively smaller size of the festival.
Thanks to all our volunteers one more time for their relentless support of CAPA. Soon we will arrange a volunteer appreciation luncheon for our volnteers who spared time from their busy schedule to prepare, cook & sell the Pakistani food and provide positive information to the visitors of our booths. I apologize as one of the volunteer’s name was missed previously. At was an honest mistake.
You guys rock!! =D> applause
Our Volunteers
Adnan Qamar
Ahmad Saeed Afzal Shah
Amjad Waheed
Amjed Qamar
Aqil Khan
Ayesha Abdullah
Azam Wirk
Babar Naseer
Dilshad Tariq
Dolly Butt
Eisha Wirk
Farooq Wirk
Ferzan Ahmed
Jamshed Akhtar
Kausar Waheed
Mubushra Wirk
Munaza Amir
Nilofer Harris
Rabia Khan
Raheela Khawaja
Sahair Sadiq
Shahid Sheikh
Shameem Aqil
Sobia Wirk
Tanveer Butt
Tariq Mahmood
Uzma Roshen
Yasmeen Ahmed
Amjad Waheed
Director 2012 CIF Project