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CAPA seeks host families to conduct 2012 Eid Mela

June 30, 2012
Dear Friends & Patrons of CAPA,
Six (6) years ago, Community Association of Pakistani Americans (CAPA-Ohio) started a tradition of “Eid Mela,” to welcome all Pakistani American community of Central Ohio to join in Eid celebrations. This mega event has always been very well admired & received by the community, and open to all, as it has been considered to be a noble and unique tradition for our community.
To keep its tradition alive, the CAPA-Ohio is planning to organize 2012 Eid Mela on October 28, this year.
The spirit of the event has always been that instead of doing small group parties and spending money individually on the occasion of Eid, every year a group of families from the community would join hands sponsoring the Eid Mela. Since it is on voluntarily basis & no one family is obliged to participate every year so a family’s turn would be approximately once in 5/8 years in our community. This way we all would share the joy of Eid as one big family. It is especially important for our kids social and cultural upbringing and it could also serve as a platform to welcome new families in Columbus.
This year the Eid Mela would go with SPIRIT of EID-UL-ADHA.  CAPA EC/BOT families with some other generous friends from the community had opened up their hearts and started this event by hosting the event with approx. $400 per family. We started with 10 families, last year we had 17 host families as our community grew over the period of yrs.
Last year we held Eid Mela in Westerville Community Hall. This year, due to conflicting schedules and non-availability of Westerville Community Hall, we have booked Whitehall Community Park Hall for Oct 28th, to hold 2012 Eid Mela. Please note Eid-ul-Adha will be on OCT 25th/26th.
If you agree with the spirit of the event and would like to continue the event this year, CAPA will need a minimum of 17 families/businesses from the community to host the 2012 Eid Mela.
This year your participation (as host) is needed. This event will only take place when you will participate in it and we will have needed number of host families.
Program will be done under the banner of CAPA as it is our community organization with 501c3 status and your donations may be tax-deductible.
If we receive needed participation from community, CAPA will continue the tradition to organize the event every year at Eid.
If your family would like to be one of the host families this year, please let any member of CAPA EC/BOT know or respond back to the E-mail: and/or cell number (614-937-5575), no later than July 31, 2012.